Surprising News from Hire Maturity

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Hire Maturity has cancelled its 2018 Mature Talent Expo schedule and will cease current operations. The company may re-launch in the future. Our team would like to thank the many people and companies that saw merit in our vision that older workers have a special value in our economy and communities. We look forward to the next opportunity to serve you.

Premium Partners who value experienced talent

Are You Ready to Hire Grown-Ups to Get the Job Done?

It’s a fact that older job seekers face challenging obstacles. Hire Maturity is out to change that.

We help organizations to excel by leveraging our nation’s finest generations of talent.

Specifically, Hire Maturity assists companies in attracting, appreciating and retaining high-quality, experienced employees.

Nearly half the American workforce is over the age of 45. American businesses are finally waking up to the fact that older workers are key to addressing the nation’s talent shortage and skills gap.

Older workers offer a critical and comprehensive answer to America’s talent shortage. Forward-thinking organizations who act and execute beyond their historical biases will systematically benefit from the talents of the 67 million workers in the U.S. who are 45 years old and older.

These older employees provide the maturity, reliability, focus, work ethic and adaptability that modern organizations need to succeed.

Hire Maturity offers employers branding and engagement tools and services that allow them to directly access this hidden marketplace of high-quality talent.

Best-in-class Hire Maturity job fairs—Mature Talent Expos—feature companies that value the mature worker and want to engage with and hire candidates among this high-quality and experienced segment of the working population.

For job seekers, our Mature Talent Expos are completely free-to-attend career fairs and provide an unmatched opportunity for them to find the right job and advance their careers. Top companies—both local and national—are there, ready to talk to attendees and make job offers. Candidates can also register for the Mature Talent Expos and upload their resumes here at

When it comes to solid solutions to critical hiring needs, Hire Maturity is the answer.

Are you ready to hire grown-ups to get the job done?