Feb 15, 2018

The Mature Talent Job Search Check List

Feb 15, 2018

  • Determine what you seek
    • Part-time or full-time?
    • Gig, job or career?
    • Compensation expectations and minimums
    • Commuting range
    • Must haves / nice to haves
    • What are you best at doing?
  • Refresh your look
    • Do an appearance makeover (e.g. clothing, fitness etc.)
    • Update your resume
    • Clean up your social media presence (especially on LinkedIn)
  • Reinvigorate your relationships
  • Update your knowledge
    • What and who do you know in your industry or function?
    • What are the current trends and how do they impact hiring?
  • Start Networking
  • Follow up
    • Keep your network informed
    • Send thank you emails
    • Offer to help others
  • Repeat until successful!
    • It is not easy
    • You can do it!