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The Mature Talent Advantage

Older workers bring a myriad of advantages and benefits to employers.

We call this the Mature Talent Advantage.

Older workers offer organizations:

  • Reliability – A later life stage often means less drama from conflicting priorities
  • Attitude – With maturity comes perspective and an intuitive understanding of what is important
  • Education – Many older Americans were educated when schools and colleges focused on practical knowledge and mastering the basics
  • Skills – Older workers have mastered both hard and soft skills that organizations crave for success
  • Work Ethic – Mature talent come to work to, well, work
  • Value – Some older workers are at a life stage where they can accept lower compensation for their labor in exchange for some lifestyle flexibility
  • Task Focus & Respect for Authority – Older workers stay on task and are less distracted by company politics
  • Quantity – There are a lot of older workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts almost 68 million American workers currently employed above the age of 45.

Are you ready to hire grown-ups to get the job done?